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I am active, more or less, on a number of social media sites, all of which are displayed below.

You will note that there are two Facebook links. This is not an error. The first one (round) is my personal page, and the second (square) is the Wee Internet Empire page. Similarly, there are two Instagram pages, once again the first (square) being my personal page and the second (multi colour) being the Wee Internet Empire.

I am also on WhatsApp, WeChat, Duo, Messenger, Marco Polo, Signal, Telegram, Skype and Viper. So please send me an email if you would like to connect on any of these services.


On my Flickr account I have a large number of public accessible photos as well as quite a few which are private and restricted to family and/or friends. If you think you should be part of either the family or friend group please message me so that I may "make it so".

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